Silicon Rainforest is an international nonprofit headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, with operations in Central America and East Africa. We strive to innovate to find better ways of making a difference. Our current initiatives include providing advising services and grants to small businesses, building technological infrastructure, and connecting people struggling with poverty to high paying employment. We also serve as an incubator for high impact ideas—please reach out to us on our contact form below and we would be happy to offer our experience, administrative and nonprofit expertise, and additional resources.

Small Business Growth

Silicon Rainforest provides mentorship and grants to small companies that have the potential to make a big difference. We believe that by promoting the development of socially responsible community enterprises we can most effectively contribute to economic development in struggling regions.

Employment Programs

For over a year Silicon Rainforest has been running virtual employment programs around the world and providing in-person English and job training workshops as well as distance learning programs to help people find higher paying employment. Our current leading program, the Kenya Virtual Employment Program, helps families in Kenya sustain themselves by doing higher paying work through the internet.


Silicon Rainforest has worked with communities, schools, and individuals to run laptop drives, outreach programs, and logistics to transport unutilized computer equipment to Central America and Kenya. We believe that providing internet and computer access in conjunction with education and opportunities can enrich lives, promote many development objectives, and even overcome poverty.

Silicon Rainforest's Virtual Employment Program

"Virtual employment for increasing the earnings for impoverished individuals is sustainable and the program has the possibility of expanding over time, something other charitable solutions don't encompass."
~ Wayne Phillips, International Relations Advisor